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Buyer’s Welcome

Welcome Decorative Lighting Buyers!

Your satisfaction with LGI is our main priority and primary reason for being.

Please review this site to see a sample of our decorative lighted items and feel free to contact us directly for further information or to schedule in-person meetings.

About Us

Lawn and Garden International Limited (LGI) was founded in 2001 as a Factory-Direct, value-added decorative lighting company specializing in serving the Seasonal, Spring / Summer and Outdoor Patio markets.  

Having earned our customer’s trust, LGI continues to expand and grow around the world. We are now regarded as the benchmark resource to decorative lighting buyers. LGI proudly serves premier big box retailers and other select valued customers.

LGI is passionately committed to satisfy our customer’s needs by providing unparalleled innovation in certified product and packaging design, friendly and professional service along with excellence in logistics and follow-up from our dedicated staff.

We look forward to working towards a brighter future together.

Video of Production Procedure
Including the Production Procedure of Mini Christmas String Light, Parallel-Connected String Light
(Candelbra-based and Intermediate-based),All-Year Use type.
The Production Procedure of Mini Christmas String Light
The process to fix Mini Bulb into lampholder adapter
The process to cut the wire and rivet contact
The process to rivet contact and assemble lampholder
The process to twist the wires
The process to test function and reliability
The Production Procedure of Parallel-Connected String Light (Candelbra-based and Intermediate-based)
The process to fix lamp holder
The process to assemble the attachment plug on lead cord
The process to assemble the cord connector on tail cord
The process to test function and reliability
The Production Procedure of String Lights for All-Year Use
The process to mould Medium-screw (E26) Lampholder
The process to mould T connectors
The process to test function and reliability
The Procedure of assembling, test and packaging of Decorative Outfit Products
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  • Lamues Light Enterprise Co., LTD.
Lawn and Garden International Limited

Hong Kong Showroom

We proudly maintain a year-round, state-of-the-art, 4,000 sq. ft. showroom in Hong Kong where the complete selection of our latest, exciting and ever-changing products and programs can be viewed.

LGI is globally regarded as the benchmark provider of decorative lighting products to Spring / Summer, Seasonal / Holiday, Special Events, Everyday and Electrical Department category buyers. With economic uncertainty in retail markets, we add certainty with proven, innovative products, complete programs and packaging solutions that cannot be found anywhere else at pricing that is fair!

Feel free to contact us to book your appointment.

Huizhou Zhongxin Lighting Co. Ltd.

Factory Direct to Customers

In 2006, we established Huizhou Zhongxin Lighting Company Limited where our product design, manufacturing, packaging, assembly and logistics takes place. Located in Huizhou, China, our solely-owned factory passes all retailer audits by 3rd party organizations, including BSCI, SMETA, WCA, GSV and keeps reliable delivery records. We are accredited with the latest UL, cUL, CE and SAA listed certifications.

Our factory has implemented the “LEAN” manufacturing and assembly process resulting in enhanced production and employee satisfaction. Our stable, long-term work force now have continuous training to become more efficient and knowledgeable in assembly and packing LGI’s range of products, resulting in a lower than 2% return rate on all our shipped items.

Our dedicated sales and support staff are qualified in providing professional and personalized services to our valued customers.

Lamues Light Enterprise Co., LTD.

B2B/B2C - OEM/ODM service to customers

Laumues Light was Established in 2018, Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our comprehensive and mostly automated factory provide our International Customer with professional production, processing and marketing of Incandescent, LED and SMD light and accessories, these products are in compliance with or be certified to meet the official requirement, including but not limited, UL, cUL,etc.

Total Area: 210,000 Sq. Ft, Estimate the capacity Decorative light string  8,000,000 pcs (100L)/ year; Perennial Light String500,000 sets / year;8 production lines, 700 workers.

We have been working with or supplying to Home Depot, Costco, Menards, And OEM/ODM customers from all over the world are warmly welcome as well to contribute to the growth of your categories and business. 

Enterprise Company Limited was formed to guarantee customer’s need for a steady , on-time supply of tightly quality controlled light products.

Laumues is committed to the implementation of ISO quality assurance systems and ERP computerized management to continuous improve operation in order to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. 

  • Design / Selection
  • Power Sources
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Design / Selection

Competitive advantage with unique product selections

LGI has over 16 years of proven, factory-direct, retail oriented sales history. Premier, global big box retailers as well as a select number of other valued customers depend on us to provide them with unparalleled innovation in product, packaging and merchandising solutions.

Our popular retail price point items are sought after to enhance customers profits & expand their market share. We are ready to custom fit programs for customers specific market needs.

LGI’s total commitment is to Integrity, Innovation and High Performance. Our entire product range is completely quality controlled from manufacturing, packing and shipping and is accredited with top ranking International certification.

Design / Selection

Power Sources

Power solution allows for cord free flexibility in display and use

LGI’s Solar and Battery items show strong growth at retail and is expected to continue in this upwards direction.  We are building on this trend by adding new designs, shapes and textures to new lines for each new buying season.

Power choices including Battery Operated, Solar Powered, Adapter as well as Direct Current are offered on most of our lighting lines. Customer awareness and interest in Solar and LED lighted items is on the rise and we are committed to offer innovative product lines to meet and exceed expectations.

Power Sources

Packaging / Programs

Minimum space / Maximum impact

LGI’s dedicated team of packaging specialists create packaging solutions not only to protect products but to minimize space and maximize visual impact on retail shelves. Our Hong Kong showroom highlights many dramatic new packaging looks.

LGI is committed to “Environmentally-Responsible” packaging that increases the use of post-consumer recycled materials. Our exclusive degradable packaging is appreciated and used extensively in current retail environments. We were able to better show off our product and adding more “perceived value” to consumers while dramatically cutting down on post material waste in our landfills.

Packaging / Programs

  • Spring / Summer
  • Seasonal / Holiday
  • Special Events
  • Every Day
  • B2B - OEM
  • B2C
Spring / Summer

The Patio, Deck, Yard and Garden is an increasingly important extension of the home and a primary focal point of investment for home owners. By incorporating Lawn and Garden International’s range of decorative lighting accents into these outdoor areas, they can now be the most rewarding areas for relaxation and for family time and entertaining.

Our exclusive, dramatic and functional outdoor lighting offers unique styles, finishes, textures and alternative power sources that seamlessly tie into customers overall home decorating aesthetic. Investment in outer home enhancement will continue to grow, and the newly lighted outdoors spaces will be appreciated during the day and now well into night time hours.

We are committed to offering Outdoor Garden Buyers an expanded, attention-getting range of products to enhance the “Outdoor Living Experience” and deliver customer satisfaction to new heights. Welcome to our world of Life. Style. Design.

Seasonal / Holiday

Seasonal Buyers are under considerable pressure to select highly sell-able products for the busiest and most profitable holiday times of the year. LGI understands this and responds by dedicating considerable resources and talent in creating, developing and sampling a thrilling selection of items to exceed expectations of the Holiday Decorative Lighting buyers wants and needs.  

Each major holiday has a great selection of continually updated, proven best-selling decorative lights as well as a full array of fresh and innovative product lines to excite buyers and satisfy customers. LGI is a first-call company Seasonal Buyers depend on that consistently delivers a valued and professional end-to-end buying experience. Each buyer is secure in knowing that exciting, appropriately priced, certified items will be carefully handled and delivered on-time once ordered. After all, there is a LOT riding on each and every selected lighted product.  

Special Events

We celebrate and define our lives with Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Births and other extremely important personal events. What better way to highlight and keep the party going than with offering your customer base LGI’s exciting lines of decorative lights, designed and manufactured especially for these Special Events.

Light Up and expand your market share by offering themed string lights and lighted decor in various impactful styles and materials. Each item is powered by either battery or solar for virtually anywhere display or stick with traditional plug-in powered options.

Every Day

Lighting in homes should make the space feel warm and inviting with a sense of excitement. LGI offers a wide selection of inspired lighting in various stylish options that creative a powerful visual statement where displayed. From enormously popular pendant lighting, prized for their versatility and style to outdoor lighting that adds excitement and value by enhancing and extending time spent in the outdoor experience. All are available with traditional incandescent or the latest eco friendly, energy saving technology, with numerous Edison-style bulb shapes and sizes as well as versatile power on options to choose from.

Don't be left in the dark about your company’s Every Day lighting sales potential. Eye-catching everyday Indoor and Outdoor lighting fixtures will not only brighten your customers home with style but also your company’s bottom line.


Confidently secure your decorative lighting component supply chain with direct contact and trusted transactions with LGI’s professional management and staff.

Your company’s sales potential will be greatly enhanced by relying on our quality controlled existing or O.E.M. lighted products manufactured under strict supervision in our solely-owned internationally certified factories. Instantly and easily expand your range of products offered by accessing our proven sales-driven products to present to your customer base either sold as is or slightly altered as to your requirements.

Contact us online or visit our showrooms to review our exciting decorative lighting programs or discuss your specific detailed needs to our staff to ensure your custom requirements are fully met.


Targeting the right group of consumers through B2C contact can be an effective way to grow both sales and profits. Eliminating the middle man and marketing and selling directly to consumers is increasingly popular with the advent of online sales channels, especially with the latest in mobile computing. The end-user can be the direct customer, or it can be a source for the customers store front business.

LGI uses the latest popular technology and marketing techniques to emotionally connect with a whole new demographic of consumers. We fundamentally rely on the value of our products and services to maintain good relations with direct customers to ensure they come back and most importantly tell others about their positive LGI experience.

Success in our B2C sales model will continuously evolve with the appetites, opinions, trends and desires of consumers and LGI will be there servicing these new customers needs with innovative, exciting  and value-added decorative lighting products for in home and outdoor yard and garden use.